No doubt most people on the Internet today are aware to some degree that web sites can use an assortment of tricks to find out information about you and your surfing habits.  By using things like cookies, javascript, Active-X and more, it’s possible to find out quite a bit about any particular visitor to a website.

There are times however, when people have one reason or another for wanting their web activities to be kept private.  One good example is stories not too long ago about search engine queries being leaked along with information that could identify the people doing the searches.  This kind of thing is a problem because what a person is searching for can reveal information about them that at the very least, they would prefer be private.

There are ways that javascript or Active-X can be used to get information from your web browser that reveals your browsing history.  Some of the codes in search result page urls can reveal not only what site’s you’ve been to, but in many cases, a lot of what you’ve been doing on those sites.

Another situation is the person that does at least part of their work at home and transmitting completed work or information to their employers.  Obviously this information needs to be kept private from any would be snoops. One way to deal with these and other things is to surf anonymously.

There’s been an assortment of paid and free proxies in use over the years, not to mention countless “open” proxies that work for a while until somebody figures out what’s going on and closes the hole in their network.  For a long time, I used the Tor network to route my anonymous browsing and Privoxy to serve as a connection between my browser and Tor.  However a while back I found “Torpark” and it quickly became my anonymous web browsing tool of choice.

Recently Torpark was re-named to “xBBrowser” Xerobank has a “paid for” anonymity network, but If I decide I need anonymity then I don’t want a money trail to be around to compromise it and therefore I only use the free xBBrowser which routes everything through Tor.

xBBrowser and Torpark before it are based on a special setup of Firefox that all of the settings have been maximized for privacy (very little scripting is allowed and all cookies are deleted at the end of the session).  Further, both can be installed on a USB Flash drive and are therefore portable.  Allowing you to use them on any computer while leaving minimal tracks.

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