Would it be a good idea perhaps to just pick up and suddenly decide to head off to tour London?  It’s an interesting idea I think, though I don’t know if I’d ever actually do it, it’s still entertaining to plan something like that.  After getting travel figured out, the most important thing is arranging where to stay.  Since I’m on the cheap side, I’d be looking for Cheap Hotels in London where I could have a good place to stay but not have to transfer the title to one of my arms to pay for it.

Instead of settling on a London Hotel, Perhaps it might be an idea to pick another place like perhaps Manchester would be a good place to start.  Though I’m just picking stuff out of the air here because I don’t really know the first thing about London or the surrounding cities other than the fact tha they’re in England.

Oh well, perhaps someday I’ll have reason to know more.

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