Item number eight on Blog Bloke’s list of reasons for not liking a blog is

“You don’t post consistently.”

This one’s really a no brainer.  Do you keep going back to blogs that go weeks or even months without new postings?  Of course not.  Oh, you might look in once in a while to see if something new is up but I’d venture to say that this would only apply to blogs that were some kind of favorite or that are so specialized that there is seldom need for new postings.

If a blog is THAT specialized, then it’s focus is too narrow.  Thought should be given to widening it’s scope.  If it’s a company blog then there should always be new stuff about the company, it’s products & services, new plans, etc.  The same thing goes for a blog covering development of some project.  Don’t restrict it just to project announcements, talk about the project and things that affect it or problems it’s having.  If you get a discussion going you might even find an answer in it.  Also consistent activity would keep people from thinking your project is dead.

In all of this the key is to be consistent.  Post as often as possible so that there is always fresh content and traffic will increase as new visitors find it and return for more.

Personally I try to post at least once a day and with few exceptions I manage to get at least that much done.  Sometimes doing quite a bit more than that.  The main thing is that there are very few days in which nothing gets posted.  This steady supply of fresh content gives people a reason to keep coming back for more.

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