I just read an article about cities suing gangs to stop violence.  My first reaction to this is to think that somebody out there enjoys spinning their wheels.

Why would a gang even show up in court, let alone obey any kind of court order?  It seems to me that somebody has forgotten one basic thing about gangs, They don’t basically give a crap about the law.  That would be why they feel free to do so many illegal things.  And now they’re going to be expected to go along with this lawsuit thing?

Why?  What reason or incentive do they have to comply with any of this that hasn’t already been used for years to try to get the violence stopped?  Think about it.  Some of these people would just as soon kill you as look at you.  Do you honestly expect them to just show up for court and go along with a court order?  Again, I ask you: Why?

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