Here’s something that looks like a good idea.  It’s called (pronounced “feature”).  The idea is simple.  Every day at 12:00 Midnight EST they feature a new site on the home page of where it stays for 24 hours.  During that time the site gets a significant boost in traffic.  Currently they’re saying over a hundred visitors with that number growing quickly.

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The best thing about this is that, for the time being, it’s FREE!  Once they reach the point where featured sites are getting 500 to 1000 visitors a day you can expect them to start charging something like 1 cents a visitor.  This means that 1000 visitors would cost you about $10.  Not bad at all.

Here’s the part you’re waiting for, How to get featured free.  It’s easy as pie.  All you need to do is write up a short post telling your readers about  Tell what they’re doing and how to get featured.  Tell what you think of the idea and so on.  Once you’re done with that and it’s posted, you go to their submission form and fill in the detals of your post about them.  Then you wait and see.  If you get featured, you’ll see a jump in visitors for that day.

Why is this a good idea?  Because this exposes your site to people that more than likely haven’t seen it before.  What you’re hoping for is that some of the people who see it while it’s featured will bookmark it and come back for more.  Obviously can’t guarantee that kind of result, your content will be what makes them decide whether or not to come back to the site again.

Also, of those who like your site enough to return to it, some will probably link to you, which will help the never ending quest for more inbound links.

So what you should do right now is get over to and Get Featured!

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