Once again David Blaine is in the news with another of his stunts and I have to ask one question?

Is it just me or does he have a death wish?

He keeps doing these stunts. They generally last a week or more, get live coverage on GMA and they are each progressively more hazardouse than the previous one.

I honestly wouldn’t e surprized if his real goal was to be the first magician to die on live tv.

My opinion: The man needs to take a LONG vacation and look at why he’s doing this stuff.

Speaking as a tv viewer, I have to say that I’m not impressed with him anymore. Back in the day when his big trick was to levitate a foot off the sidewalk in front of random passers by he was cool. Now he’s looking demented. I didn’t bother to watch any of the coverage about this latest ‘drowned alive’ thing and I’m not going to watch anything else of his either.

BTW – That phrase. “drowned alive” is rediculous. Anyone who is drowned is alive when it happens, and if he HAD been drowned, he wouldn’t be alive now would he?

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