As if it were a surprize, We’re now finding out that the surveillance program is a lot bigger than we’ve been led to believe.


Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell defended Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales against charges of lying over when the U.S.’s terror surveillance program
got its name. McConnell hinted the program is much bigger than the public knows.

How many people saw this coming?  I know I did.  Things like this have a way of growing faster even than their creators anticipate.

Stuff like this is all the more reason why people should use encrypted email whenever possible.  You may think “what’s the point? My email isn’t all that important” But you see, it’s not about how important your email may or may not be.  It’s about making a statement “I have a right to privacy and I insist on it.”  By making the use of strong encryption commonplace, it becomes that much harder for governments and big business to be so actively nosey.

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