Remember Waterbeds?

August 3rd, 2007 | Posted in Reviews | 3 Comments

My Waterbed Shop is something of an internet rarity, having actually been in business since 1978 selling waterbeds and waterbed accessories.  I haven’t actually thought about waterbeds in quite a few years myself but looking at their site and how long they’ve been in business it’s easy to tell that the waterbed is not only still with us, it’s here to stay.

They have a trim layout that puts menus on top and in the sidebar that give you links to the entire site. Their stock appears to be comprehensive, covering just about any waterbed need you might have from beds, replacement mattresses, heaters, bedding, repair kits and so on.

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3 Responses to “Remember Waterbeds?”

  1. Ever since a buddy of mine had his entire bedroom suite demolished by a water bed above him, I tend to stay away from those things. They can be neighbour killers!!!(LOL)

  2. Hrm… That DOES sound like a nasty situation.  Honestly If I had one I think I’d want it on a ground floor… in a room with floor drains just in case.

  3. Oh how I miss my waterbed we were separated in 1993 but your post has me reliving those wonderful waterbed memories like when the heater went out and my bed felt like ice or when someone sat on it too hard how I’d flop to the side those were the days lol