Finally, after what seemed like forever trying and re-trying one package, tutorial, howto, guide after another, I’ve finally managed to get a mailserver working to replace the mercury32 server I had in windows

The winning software is xmail. It’s a full featured mail server package that handles smtp, pop3 and finger servers all in one package. The docs page on the xmail server website made installation and setup a snap. I was able to re-create the email accounts I had on my old mercury32 server easily.

Xmail managed to do the one thing that all other linux mail server solutions could not manage. qmail, postfix, exim4 and sendmail just to name a few all required one package for smtp, another for pop3, another for smtp-auth, Etc. When I asked about it I was told that part of the linux philosophy is for each program to do one function, allowing the user to select what functions they want and install the appropriate programs.

The problem there is that I have the idea that in some cases, ‘one program, one function’ is breaking things down too much. In the example of a mail server, that means smtp, pop3, ssl/tls, user authentication, user managment, filtering and at least some of the anti-spam handeling are best delivered in one package as a suite of related functions.

I think at least part of the reason I had so much problems was in at first not knowing about this, and then trying to work out arrangements that worked and satisfied all dependencies. In some cases I think there were either things I missed or mis-handled or some outright errors in tutorials and howto articles I found dealing with mailserver setup.  Several times I would follow the example exactly, only to reach a point where everything stopped because the directions given simply didn’t work.

In any event, after finally getting a working solution with xmail, it’s made a believer out of me. I’ll be quick to recommend xmail in the future to anyone wanting advice.

My next project is to come up with a programming environment that’s at least similar to visual basic so that I can create a linux version of my Mixminion Message Sender.

So far I’m running into fun problems… FLTK fails to compile because of dependencies not met, Gambas looks good. I haven’t tried it yet. HBasic looks REALLY good, but there’s that pesky dependency problem again..  coming up with exactly the right qt3 files to install, and convincing it that, yes, I DO have MySQL installed… Etc. Etc. Etc. …



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