Car Angel Ministries

August 5th, 2007 | Posted in Reviews, Websites | 1 Comment

Ever heard of Car Angel Ministries?  Well, if you’d like to help get a lot of things done and have a car that you would ordinarily sell then you might consider the idea of Car Donations.  Car Angel Ministries takes donated cars and sells them at wholesale and retail auctions.  They use the money generated to help people who need various kinds of help and might not get it otherwise.

When you donate a car you can specify which project you want the money used for from Health, Education, Religious Studies, Homeless, Welfare or Prison Reform.  Lets not forget another thing about this, it’s a tax deductible donation.  They’ll even help out with tax advise.

They make it easy to get everything done and with some restrictions, will pick up the vehicle free… even if it’s not running!  This is a great way to unload that old clunker and do some good for people less fortunate than you are all at the same time.

By the way, they’ll also be glad to accept donations of trucks, Recreational vehicles, boats as well.  They’ve even got an offer on their site that says you can get a free vacation for two with a vehicle donation!  I’d say that they’re making a pretty tempting offer, one that’s well worth checking out if you have something you’d be selling anyway.. or worse, allowing to sit unused in a garage someplace.

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One Response to “Car Angel Ministries”

  1. Car donations to help those in need is a noble idea.