If you watched “The Power of 10” tonight then you heard this poll question:

“What percentage of people think police should be able to search your home or car if they think illegal drugs are involved?”

My immediate answer was “The answer *SHOULD* be zero.  This whole “lets not bother with a warrant” thing that’s currently infecting assorted government agencies is something that needs to be stomped flat quickly.

The requirement for a warrant is there for a good reason.  It’s to insure that law enforcement agencies (of whatever flavor from local police to the FBI or the NSA) actually has to show probable cause and convince a judge to issue a warrant and then that warrant needs to specify just what is being searched for and what is to be searched.

Without warrants, Law Enforcement Agencies get to just bull their way in, search anything and any one they want without even having to convince somebody that they have some kind of good reason to do so.  This means presenting some kind of evidence and then specifying where they want to search and what they’re looking for.

And by the way, this applies to whether it’s a physical location or person or electronic searches such as examining somebody’s hard drive or intercepting their email.

I think that we need to make our voices heard and let our elected officials know that warrantless ANYTHING is unacceptable.

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