You’ve seen and heard the stories about Alzheimer’s disease.  How loved ones lose their memories at an ever increasing pace until finally they don’t even recognize their own families.
The thing about Alzheimers is that it sneaks up on a person.  There’s no *bam* you’ve got it, the symptoms start out small and are often missed until the disease has progressed some.  People with Alzheimer’s start out with difficulty remembering things.  When this starts to affect a person’s ability to do their job or hobbies they’ve had all their lives and other things is when it’s generally diagnosed.

As it gets worse patients experience confusion, changes in personality and / or their behavior.  They have more and more cases of misplacing things or getting lost even in places they’re familiar with.  There’s no cure for this disease and this thing is going to be felt more and more as the ‘baby boomer’ generation continues to advance in age.

There is of course research being done.  One of the many parts of the effort is The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk.  It’s an effort to increase awareness about the disease and raise funds both for care and support of Alzheimer’s patients and to fund research looking for treatments and an eventual cure.

Annual Memory walks are held in more than 600 communities.  The average walk is held in the fall on a weekend morning and will be a two or three mile walk.  The Alzheimer’s Association’s memory walk has raised more than $225 million since 1989.

Now is the time for people to look into signing up as a team captain because by signing up early you have plenty of time to recruit team members.  All you need to do is visit the Alzheimer’s Association website and click on the “START OR JOIN A TEAM” link.

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