In an AP story back on 5/22/06, the South Korean govt rejected and appeal by Microsoft to overturn guess what? an Anti Trust decision.

The charge? It’s the same old story that we saw played out in M$ vs DOJ and again in the EU.. Micro$oft is found to have abused its dominant position by tying certain software to Windows.

Not only that, but it’s the same software in this case as in the EU case.. Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger. As in the EU case, they’ve been fined ($34 Million… and they’ll probably spend twice that in court costs and lawyers fees trying to avoid paying it.) and ordered to provide two separate versions of windows…

one stripped of WMP and WM and the other must have links to web pages that allow users to download competing versions.

Yeah, right. They’ll put the links in allright, but don’t hold your breath trying to FIND them! You can bet they’ll be put someplace so obscure that non-experts will never find ’em without a long frustrating search. On the otherhand, install links for WMP and WM will no doubt be very easy to find.

I cannot help but wonder how many more of these anti-trust lawsuits M$ will face. Hrmm, As a recent convert from windows to linux, I’m not going to venture any guesses at that.

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