After reading about this or that happening on MySpace for years I finally decided to actually head over there and check it out.  Here’s the link to My MySpace page.

Right off the bat I’ve got a question about how to do something.  When you load My MySpace page and click on my avatar on the top of the sidebar, it takes you to my profile page.  At the bottom left there’s a section called “Ed’s Details”, What I would like very much to know is HOW do I disable the “Zodiac Sign:” part of it.  As a Christian I don’t believe in astrology and want absolutely NO part of it on my page.  However I’ve been all over everything I could find on there in the way of settings and have yet to be able to either turn that off or edit the page and remove it from the template.

I’d be grateful if anyone would tell me how to get that done.

Thanks in Advance.

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