Anyone in sales knows that there are two things that are central to the whole thing.  One is CRM (Customer Relations Management) and the other is lead management.  CRM is the fine art of keeping track of all contacts with your customers.  By keeping track of all customer contacts you have a better idea what the customers need / want and you can be better equipped to deal with customer problems.  AIMpromote’s crm software allows someone to look up previous communication with the customer they’re talking to so that they can be up to speed with that customer quickly.

This software also offers companies that generate and sell leads the ability to run the whole operation with one software package at it’s heart.  The AIMpromote package has a long list of features including Managing accounting, Selling leads however many times is needed, automatic lead sales.  It can also run ROI (Return On Investment) reports on all leads as well as website activity.

A good thing about this package is that it helps cut down on the learning curve that goes along with this kind of program by allowing you to only turn on the features that your company needs instead of having things that you don’t need getting in the way of your employees.  This way the people using the software only need learn the parts of it that they need instead of having to take a lot longer to learn the entire package.

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