… or the page background for that matter.

I know I’ve talked about this before and I’ll probably keep talking about it until I stop seeing web pages and blogs that have color combinations that make them hard to read.

For example just tonight I ran across a blog that’s using a white background and a combination of light gray text on a white background.  To top this off it’s also using a small font size.  When I see something like this I can’t help wondering if those writing it actually want anyone to read it because they have NOT made it easy to do so.

The long and short of it is the text color needs to be significantly contrasted to the background color in order for it to be visible and easy to read.  I guarantee you that a hard to read blog is going to have a lot harder time getting anyone interested enough in what the writer has to say to fight to read past the eyestrain.

For instance, on this blog I have a dark background, so therefore I have white text and light blue anchortext colors.  Whatever your background color (or the dominant colors in a background image) is, you want to test several text colors to find something that stands out enough to be easy to read and use a font size that doesn’t make the reader think they’re looking at the fine print on a contract!

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