Dispite the years that have passed and the things we keep hearing about how China is coming into the 21st century, one thing remains the same.  There is no real freedom of speech in China.  You can tell this to be true when things like this still happen.

Chinese Cyber-Dissident Jailed for 4 Yrs

BEIJING (AP) – A Chinese cyber-dissident has been sentenced to four years in jail after he was convicted of “inciting the government’s overthrow,” a press freedom group said Friday.

Chen Shuqing, an outspoken critic of the Chinese government and advocate of democratic reforms, was arrested last year on charges of inciting subversion against the state, a vaguely worded charge authorities often use against activists they deem threatening to the ruling Communist Party.

Just offhand, any government that cannot withstand the criticism has a major problem over and above anything else.  Our government may have many flaws, but at least it’s still possible to criticize it and campaign for change (for the most part, there ARE exceptions).  However if you try that in China you stand a chance of ending up in jail just because you didn’t like something and had the nerve to speak up about it and say something about change.

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