Just Wondering What Google’s Up To

August 20th, 2007 | Posted in Building Blog Traffic, Internet, Misc Assorted General Stuff | 1 Comment

Like just about everybody else out there, I’ve been looking forward to Google’s next PageRank update and like everybody that’s looking for it… I’m still waiting.

I did some looking around and found a Page Rank Export List History which shows the history of Google’s various updates going back to July of 2000.  Of course, Even that page can’t say for certain when the update is due, it only makes an estimation based on how many days between the last five updates.  It averages that and uses that to estimate when to look for the update.

So far we’re 112 days since the last update and the record is 122 days 10/19/05 – 2/18/06.  This *COULD* mean that we’re about to have the long awaited update, unfortunately it’s entirely possible that Google is going to go for another record.  I sincerely hope not but nobody but them know for sure and they ain’t tellin.

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One Response to “Just Wondering What Google’s Up To”

  1. This is completely driving me crazy!  And watch…my page will not have even budged! lol!!  btw, I like your background~