Anonymous Email – Step Four: Sending Your First Msg

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A quick tutorial for sending messages with Jack B. Nymble.

I’m assuming here that you’ve installed PGP 6.5.8, along with Jack B. Nymble and Mixmaster and that when you installed JBN you gave it fresh stats urls as I described.

If you have auto functions disabled (Tools menu | disable auto functions), JBN won’t do anything when you start it up.  Once auto functions are turned on the It will check to see how old the stats pages are and if necessary it will download fresh ones.  Then it will check any email accounts you’ve set up in Window | Retreival profiles and look for messages in any accounts defined in Window | News profiles.

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JBN Opening Message bookTo send a demo message click the “Books” folder in the folder view and then in the files view click “Anon Mail.TBK” and click “open window” This opens the message book for editing.

Jack B. Nymble message bookIn the “To:” field, put your own email address and enter a subject that you’ll recognize (or you might put something that your spam filter will automatically whitelist)

Then in the green area where it says “Add Remailer” you’ll see three lines with “AUTO” already entered.  Here you can customize the remailer chain you’re going to use or you can select a line and then use the drop down box to specify particular remailers.  If you specify your own chain, JBN will check the capabilities of each remailer chosen to help make sure you’ve chosen a valid chain.

Finally, in the body area type your message and click “Queue”.  This puts it in the outbound message queue where it will be sent automatically (though not necessarily right away, part of how anonymity is maintained is by adding delays to message processing.  It’s more involved than this but that’s the basic idea)

Once the message is sent you can expect it to take anywhere from 15 minutes to as long as 12 hours or more to arrive.  When it does arrive you’ll know it was the one you sent because you’ll recognize the subject line and the message body you wrote.  However if you have your mail client view the source of the message there will be nothing in the headers that gives even the remotest clue as to where it came from.

There is a lot more that can be done with this program, for example you can send a message through a chain of anonymous remailers to a mail2news gateway and your message will appear in a Usenet newsgroup.  There are also quite a bit more in the way of settings and options.  Finally, there is the “Nym”, which is a way to have a fully anonymous email address that people can use to sent you email without knowing your real email address

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