Dell Google’s Customers

May 29th, 2006 | Posted in Internet, Privacy, Technology | Comments Off on Dell Google’s Customers

On Slashdot yesterday there was an item that dropped my opinion of Dell a little bit more.  Seems that they’re going to start installing Google software on their new machines.  I’ve never liked Google software and the gaping hole it drills in a user’s privacy and I’ve not been too thrilled about some of the things I’ve heard about the original software installs that comes from the factory on Dell machines.

By adding Google software it absolutely guarantees that *IF* I were to ever get a Dell, I’d want to boot from a floppy that I created on a trusted machine, format the Hd and re-partition it, and then install the OS, Probably Debian Linux or maybe a (Windows 98SE / Debian) Dual Boot.

Google software will never be permitted on any machine of mine and I strongly recommend that everyone else avoid it like the plague.

The Slashdot article:

The BBC news report:

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