Once upon a time I went to a school that specialized in computer programming courses.  At the time I did so I was young, broke and completely, utterly uninformed about how the financing worked for student loans and such.  Because of that I ended up with not one but TWO student loans that I then spent years dealing with.

When I say I was uninformed I was being nice about it, I had never heard of the federal plus loan program or the parent plus student loan, either of which would probably have been better for that situation than the route that I ended up taking.  Of course, that was back in the day before the Internet was anything like it is now and there was no websites like www.financialaid.com where a person could do some quick research and study up on their options.  If I were in a position to need some kind of student loan now I would definitely make use of resources like that and save myself a lot of grief.

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