Y’know, if I didn’t already think that electing this woman to the highest office in the land was a mistake of glactic proportions, this would definitely tip the balance.

Top Democratic Opponents Challenge Clinton Assertion on Terror

CONCORD, N.H. — Two of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s top rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination have expressed displeasure with her remarks last week that a terror attack between now and Election Day 2008 could help Republicans.

On Sunday, former Sen. John Edwards took issue with Clinton’s comments, suggesting that the issue is too serious a matter to use as a political weapon.

The idea that a terror attack would help ANYONE is patently ridiculous.  Apparently she needs to get out tapes of 9/11 and watch them a few times.

Anyone that can snap off comments like that while campaigning for the presidency needs very much to be kept as far from that office as possible.

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