“Home Improvement” Those words will bring one of two things to my mind.  One of ’em is the misadventures of Tim Allen’s hit series, the other is a sort of dread that grows when the idea of doing any kind of a ‘serious’ project around the home.  I mean, I’m up for doing things like tightening loose screws, throwing some paint at something and so on but I’ve never been what you could call a really “handy” person.  I’m one of those guys that’s generally willing to think about hiring somebody to do the job simply because it’s easier.

Looking at DoItYourself.com however could possibly get me to change my mind.  I started looking around there and found lots of DIY projects, helps and how-to’s for all sorts of things.  For example, take something like Installing Hardwood Floors.  They’ve got a detailed step by step explanation of the entire process from start to finish.  They tell you what tools and materials you’ll need, what steps need to be done and what order they need to be done in.  They cover tips and tricks that make the job easier.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also DVDs for a lot of projects.  The Hardwood Floor project has a DVD available that contains 2 hours of details covering a lot of stuff and actually showing you what they’re talking about so you don’t have to just read an article and hope you have the right idea.  If you’re considering a project like this, it’s worth while to Visit DoItYourself.com for more and buy the DVD.

As for me, I’ve just looked up how to lay tile because we’re going to have to do that soon.  I’m more the geek-wannabe than the Tim Taylor DIY type, but that site has already made something easier.

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