A judge in Iowa decided that the law there banning gay marriage was unconstitutional and ordered the locals to start processing the marriage papers for six gay couples.

You can sure tell we’re living in the last days when a lawsuit like this one is brought in the first place…. and when the judge in the case takes this kind of action it’s just plain wrong.

Marriage isn’t something that same sex couples can engage in because marriage involves a man and a woman.  If you’ve got two of the same then that’s not going to work.  Oh, they may get along just fine with each other and there’s plenty of people who’ll approve of what they’re doing, especially in today’s world but eventually everyone involved will pay a high price for this.

I have no doubt that AIDS and several other diseases have their root cause in what’s becoming an epidemic of sexual immorality and promiscuity.  God made those rules about sexual behavior because just going along and doing whatever feels good is going to cause more harm than anything else.

What harm?  Disease gets spread quickly that way.  Children born from such activity can suffer from problems due to inbreeding if people don’t even bother to avoid close relatives.  There is psychological, spiritual and emotional damage done to everyone involved.  Eventually people’s hearts become cold and the value of life itself begins to drop.

Take a look at the Roman empire.  They went down the road of everybody doing whatever seemed like a good idea to them.  The results of traveling this road took the Roman’s to the eventual fall of an empire that had stood for over 200 years.

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