Again and again the one thing that keeps being the center of any effort to promote a website is building links to that site.  Submitawebsite is a search engine optimization company.  One of the services that they provide include a Text Link Advertising program.  Programs like this can be used to build the number of links coming in to your site.

By using text links that are built using keyword phrases that are relevant to your site and it’s content your site gains in terms of search engine rankings.  When those relevant text links appear on sites whose content is relevant to yours you gain another plus in the value of those links.  The higher your site’s position in search engine results, the more visitors you will be getting because your site will be appearing sooner and more often in search engine results pages.

Submittawebsite’s text link advertising program is designed to do this but it also gives you something else… The knowledge that you don’t have to do the time consuming task of finding quality sites, contacting their webmasters and asking them to link to you.

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