This takes me back a ways… I mean it’s a totally different event in an entirely different place but still It brings to mind Okon ’78 which holds distinction as the first Star Trek Convention I ever attended.  I remember attending another one after that but hard to believe as it might be, I can’t remember when or where.

Sci-Fi Throngs Boldly Go … to Atlanta

ATLANTA (AP) – Allen Hansard did not want to be one of 500 Supermen at this year’s DragonCon parade. Determined to stand out among hundreds of sorcerers, intergalactic soldiers, superheroes and other sci-fi characters, Hansard spent weeks on his Hawkman costume. The gold helmet alone took him three months, and the gray wings cost $1,000 at a costume shop.

I think this world needs more events in which it’s socially acceptable to wear Star Trek uniforms… yeah, that’s the ticket.

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