This is ridiculous on several levels.

First because these politicians have decided that they can tell individual state governments how they’re to run their own elections.

Second because I think most will agree that we’ve got entirely too much politicking going on as it is and these moves to make the primaries earlier is just prolonging the agony.


Barack Obama and John Edwards joined three other Democrats in vowing to skip states
that break party rules by holding early primaries, a move that leaves only a few
candidates planning to compete in person in Florida and Michigan.

Personally, I’d like to see a system where campaigning starts four months before the election. then at the two month mark all states would have their primaries at the same time.  While we’re at it, lets set some other limits as well… allow each candidate the same amount of television and radio airtime and nobody gets more than that regardless of how deep their pockets are… said airtime limits to include television commercials.

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