One of the things I don’t like about news (and there’s a lot of them!) is that it’s always slanted in one way or another.  Gone are the days (if they ever really existed) when news reporting was simply as factual and complete of a telling of information as possible.  Now it’s always got somebody’s agenda involved somehow.

Take this item for example.  While it’s telling about a US government decision regarding North Korea, the way it’s presented makes it looks like North Korea is in charge of the situation and that simply isn’t true.

N. Korea: U.S. Taking Us Off Terror List

Foreign Ministry Says Washington To Drop Sanctions, Terrorism Support Accusations

(CBS/AP) The United States has decided to remove North Korea from a list of terrorism-sponsoring states and lift sanctions against the communist country, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday.

Added to that is the fact that all things considered, I wouldn’t trust the North Korean government as far as I could personally carry the whole lot.

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