This is pure bull.  If, like most people, you only look at the headline and the first paragraph or so of the story, you’ll get the idea that Doug Lamborn left voice mails in which he made threats against these people who questioned him regarding campaign contributions.


A Colorado couple wrote a letter to their local paper criticizing Rep. Doug Lamborn
for accepting campaign contributions from gambling interests – and were surprised to
receive voice mails from Lamborn they termed “threatening.”

However that’s just plain not the case at all.  He didn’t threaten them at all.  In fact the article carries the full text of both their letter to the editor and of his voice mail messages to them.

What he did was ask them to contact him so that he could appeal to them as a “brother and sister in Christ”.  That’s not the way somebody talks if they’re making threats.  He did say that “there are consequences to this kind of thing”, however it’s clear that he’s not making a threat and is referring to what can happen when people are falsely or inaccurately accused of something.

The worst thing about this is that the media grabbed the threatening bit and ran with it.  Even the headline in the article has the man painted in the worst possible light so that by the time most readers get to his voice mail messages they’ll just stop reading.

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