A while back we had a leak in the bathtub faucet.  The hot water faucet got to where it took a lot of UMPH to get it to turn all the way off.  Eventually it got to the point where it just needed to be replaced.  We made the call and before long there’s a whole new set of faucets and a new shower head.  We didn’t expect the shower head would have to be replaced also but apparently the way the thing was made if you replace one, you have to replace the other as well.  That’s the downside of not having shower faucets separate from the tub faucets.

After looking at Faucet.com I’ve come to the conclusion that if it’s ever necessary to do something like that again I’m going to spend some time studying up on the subject and make certain that we end up with hardware that has all the features that we want and none that we don’t want.

They make the whole thing a lot easier.  There’s even a page about Shower Faucet Basics that explains how the whole setup works.  They’ve got probably just about every make, model and style of faucets there is.  No matter what kind of thing you’re looking for, this place probably has it.

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