“Crash Recovery”

August 20th, 2006 | Posted in Site News | Comments Off on “Crash Recovery”

Ok, the “Crash Recovery” of previous entries is as complete as it’s going to get.  There were 88 entries before the crash and when this one is posted, there will be 8. I’m going to consider the 80 un-restored entries lost and go on from here.  Reposting all that would have been entirely too much work to do manually and really, there wouldn’t have been all that much of a point to it.  I’m better off to look to future entries.

From here on out I’m going to make at LEAST weekly backups, more frequently depending on how much I post (which I’d like to do at least one a day but you know how that kind of planning can go.).  The first of these backups to be done right after this post is uploaded.

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