This is going to HAVE to be stopped.  Net Neutrality is the concept that every site on the Internet should be equally accessible to any user.  The geniuses at the DOJ don’t seem to think that this is a good idea.  They’d rather allow ISP’s to charge fees for “priority” web traffic.


The Justice Department said Internet service providers should be allowed to charge a
fee for priority Web traffic.

The problem with this is that means businesses or people who don’t pony up the dough for “priority” traffic, will fall behind as those that DO have the “priority” web traffic will have an advantage that means their sites and downloads will go faster than everybody else’s.

To repeat myself, this needs attention out where Joe and Jane Average can see it.  Net Neutrality is the only right way to do things.  it’s just a shame that it’s reached the point where it’s going to have to be made into law.

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