That’s what CBS News is reporting that an un-named US security official is saying.  My automatic reaction to that statement is “Who’re they kidding!?”.  The simple fact that this guy is still running free, continuing to preach his anti-us, kill anyone who isn’t Islam message is in and of itself an overt threat.  Not only to the US and our interests, but to anyone else in the world that wont buy his line of … er, stuff.


A new videotape purported to be from Osama bin Laden contains no overt threat against
the United States, a U.S. security official tells CBS News. Analysts are still looking
at the video image to determine if the speaker is bin Laden.

I realize that some folks will think I’m beating a dead horse but I think that we need to keep beating on that particular horse until Bin Laden’s birthday invitations have a Guantanamo Bay return address on them.

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