I saw another one of those polls that bugs the heck out of me.  This time CBS news is asking voters if they think that the “surge” strategy is working, among other things.  Now I think that this is a perfectly good question to be asking, but they’re asking the wrong people.

I say that because all they’re getting is, for the most part, almost totally uninformed opinions of people that have zero access to first hand data about conditions in Iraq.  Therefore the results of that poll are pretty much worthless.  It has about the same value as asking a tribe of cannibals in the jungle what they think of track lighting.  They might have opinions based on things they’ve heard third or fourth hand, but that opinion won’t have a heck of a lot of value because they have zero first hand data.

Now if you want an accurate poll about how things are going in Iraq, I would think that the people to ask are the soldiers over there putting their lives on the line.  These guys know what’s going on because they’re living in the middle of it every day.  Joe Average back home doesn’t have a clue.

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