Sen. Larry Craig has decided to withdraw his guilty plea because of extreme stress due to the media hounding him so much.

Now I don’t have any idea if he’s guilty or not and I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that it may not be as important as it’s being made out to be.  Don’t get me wrong, politicians involved in sex scandals are an important matter and need to be dealt with but I can’t help noticing that while the news media is all over this guy, we’re not hearing nearly as much about other things as we should.

In the last few months there has been several instances of toys made in China that have had unacceptable levels of lead in them.  Before that there was the pet food thing.. There was another case of the problem with toys just a few days ago.  Now we’ve got one video from Bin Laden and now there’s talk of another one being made soon.  We have a troop surge going on and some genius recently decided to poll voters asking (among other things) if they thought the surge was working.. how the heck are they supposed to know?  They’re not in Iraq getting shot at trying to keep the maniac element under control, they haven’t got a clue except for the little sound bytes that they’re feed from the media.

The whole mess is all about distraction…. keep people’s attention on one thing so that it’s off of other things.

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