Another year has passed and once again the terrorists behind the attack on the World Trade Center are sending out their video and audio messages.  As usual these things are full of hate, venom and threats.  They try to encourage people to embrace Islam while at the same time promising death to infidels which, from their point of view is anyone who isn’t muslim.

In the meantime back in New York and all over the US people are taking time to remember 9/11 and those who died.. or at least that’s what they say they’re doing.. a lot of people are spending more time bickering over details that in the long run don’t matter for squat compared to nearly 3,000 people who died when the towers fell.

On top of that, I saw another story somewhere today that talked about 9/11 becoming just another day in the eyes of more and more people.  Forgetting this date and the impact of what happened is dangerous.  Just like blindly allowing things like the Homeland Security Act and the Patriot Act to happen was dangerous.

The idea is that if we don’t learn from history we’re going to end up repeating it until we do.  That means that we have to deal with these people from a position of strength.  Anything less than that invites trouble.  Forgetting that they ARE the enemy invites trouble.

At the same time, we need to stop living in fear.  If you don’t think this society is living in fear then take a good close look at the level of security we have to put up with in our airports now, compared to say 1975 or so.

In the end of all this, we need to remember and watch….

…The enemy because given half a chance they’ll kill every last one of us.

…The powers of government and big business that would “Big Brother” us to pieces if we don’t stay alert to prevent it.

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