At least that’s what it’s looking like.  Apparently Google is starting a global crusade to establish some kind of global privacy standards.

Part of the reason for this is because of growing concern about Google’s own potential in terms of privacy violations.  They’ve kept data about searches and web activity for years that they use to help them place targeted advertising where it can have the best potential.  Then recently they made the deal to buy DoubleClick, which has become something of a giant when it comes to tracking people’s web surfing habits and turning that into money making potential by helping advertisers get the most effective placement for their ads.

Not long ago they announced that they were going to shorten the length of time that they keep personally identifiable information from two years to 18 months.  They also cut back on the lifetime of the infamous “Google Cookie”.

All in all I think it’s interesting that Google is turning into a privacy advocate and they’re going to bear a lot of watching to see where this goes next.

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