You’ve probably heard about the college kid who was tasered at a forum with Democratic Senator John Kerry. He asked Kerry why he did not contest the 2004 presidential election and also wanted to know why Kerry hasn’t called for President Bush’s impeachment.  He was also saying that both Bush and Kerry belonged to the Skull and Bones society at Yale University.  For his trouble, he got shot with a taser and forcibly removed by University of Florida police.

Granted, he overstayed his time at the microphone, but from what I saw of a video of the event that was posted on YouTube (see below), he didn’t get violent or threatening.  Far as I can tell his biggest offense was in asking unpopular questions and implying things that the people in charge didn’t want to hear.

I have no idea if what he was implying was right or not and frankly, I don’t think at this point that part even matters anymore.  What DOES matter is the fact that once again we have more proof that freedom of speech doesn’t quite apply if there’s a chance that the unpopular or uncomfortable to people in or seeking positions of authority might actually hear you or feel pressured to give an answer.

I never really cared for Kerry to begin with and after this mess I have to ask myself why was this kid silenced so forcibly?  Who ordered this?  Why did they decide that it was necessary to go to this extent to silence him?  …and of course the biggest question is: is there something that somebody is trying to hide? Who?  What?

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