Have you ever noticed the number of different styles of mailboxes there are?  I remember when I was a kid and the Sunday afternoon drive was still something that lots of people did frequently.  One of the things that we’d look for was all the different kinds of mailboxes.  There were so many different designs that just when you thought you’d seen everything along would come another one that really stood out from the crowd.

These days of course the Sunday afternoon drive is all but extinct because of gas prices, but it’s still possible to explore the world of mailbox design from the comfort of your internet connection.  www.mailboxixchange.com is a perfect site for this kind of exploring because of how much is there.  There’s over 1500 designs of not only residential mailboxes but commercial mailboxes as well as a really impressive collection of curbside decor products.

Not only that, but they’ve also started an affiliate program.  When you sign up for it they give you a choice of banners and text links that you can put on your website or blog, then when somebody clicks on it, you get a commision on any purchase they make.

It’s a long way from the Sunday afternoon drive, but still interesting (and potentially profitable to boot)

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