That’s right.  State Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha actually filed suit against God.  What’s really cool about it is that he got an answer.

This Senator ( who by the way his constituents should consider voting for somebody else next time around) filed his suit

seeking a permanent injunction against the Almighty for making terroristic threats, inspiring fear and causing “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants.”

The cool part about this is the response in the form of a court filing from God, appeared on the counter of the Douglas County District Court in Omaha.  In it, God makes two very good points.

First, that there is the question of jurisdiction.  Human courts just don’t have any authority over God.  (and if you think about it the idea that anyone or anything would have any authority over God is ridiculous in the extreme since God is the ultimate authority)

Second, That the suit is blaming God for things that humans have chosen to do.  (I would add that just because somebody comes along and says that God told him to kill all who don’t believe doesn’t mean that He actually said anything of the kind.)

All in all, I think that this senator needs to be replaced, quickly. I also think that he’s got to be one of the most arrogant people to draw breath in a long time.  I only hope and pray that he sees the foolishness of his ways and repents while he has the chance.

I would also add that he should be thankful that God doesn’t file a counter suit for blasphemy – defined as attributing evil acts and intentions to God

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