Once again Chinese made products have a problem.  This time instead of toys and lead paint, it’s cribs. 


The Consumer Product Safety Commission said about 1 million Simplicity and Graco cribs
made in China are being recalled after three children became entrapped in their cribs
and died of suffocation.

I don’t know how many people are keeping track, but This isn’t just getting serious, it’s gone so far past serious it isn’t funny.  Isn’t anybody seeing the trend here?  A trend that involves lots of people (mostly children), put at risk because of either manufacturing defects, sloppy workmanship or a plain old case of businesses cheaping out on materials without concern given to safety.

The idea has also been expressed that there could be a lot more to this trend than just greed and carelessness.  The idea that it could be part of a deliberate campaign.  I don’t want to give much credit to such ideas yet every time yet another one of these things happens the conspiracy theory people get a little bit more believable.

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