Have you looked, REALLY looked at your calendar recently?  You really should because if you do, it’ll tell you something of paramount importance… You’ll see that it’s late in the month of September, which means that December is right around the corner.  That means it’s getting close to Christmas season again and it’s time to start scrounging around our minds trying to come up with good christmas gift ideas.

Now I’m sure that most people will look around, see the nice warm days with plenty of green grass growing and the leaves aren’t even turning color yet but the thing is, that’s a false sense of security.  It’s entirely too easy to allow the fact that it’s not even October yet to get the procrastination going.. from there, you know what’s coming, next thing you know it’s three days before Christmas and you’re still trying to come up with the perfect gift for that one person who is hardest to buy for. Better by far to notice the date now and get started ahead of time.. maybe even not have to run to the store in the last week before Christmas….. Talk about saving yourself a lot of aggravation!

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