This whole mess with the Blackwater security company has gotten pretty ugly and frankly, maybe pulling them out of Iraq is a good idea, maybe it isn’t, I don’t have enough information to be certain… although when civilians start getting shot somethings gotta give and quickly.  Ordinary Joe Citizen needs to be able to go about their business.  It’s bad enough that Iraqi citizens need to worry about getting killed by insurgents or caught in crossfire, they don’t need this mess on top of it.

Thing is, now an Iraqi official is talking about how Blackwater being removed from Iraq would create a “security vacuum“… I can’t express how ridiculous that statement is.  Iraq is now and has been for years a “security vacuum”.  It hasn’t been anything approaching safe since Saddam and his boys took over.  Iraq is going to have to function on it’s own eventually and that means that sooner or later US security forces, military or civilian, are going to be leaving Iraq.

Just offhand I’d say that instead of talking about security vacuums they’d be much better off working on filling that void with an Iraq-run force.

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