Heard of “MyWallSt.net” yet?  I hadn’t heard of it either, but it’s certainly looking interesting and it doesn’t have anything to do with it being a financial social network for people with an interest in investing.  It’s also got nothing to do with any of the many reasons they’ll tell you it’s a good idea to join.  What it has to do with is a game, something called a rookie challenge.

The rookie challenge is a fantasy stock market game….. you know the kind you make theoretical investments in the stock market, in this case based on real stock market data delayed 15-20 minutes.  Even that, while interesting to a point, isn’t *quite* enough to trip my interest.  What did it was the fact that while you’re playing this game and not using real money to do it, you can win $1,000 in real money.

THAT got my attention.  Here’s how it works.  You register on MyWallSt.net (did I say it’s free to register?  And that “Free” is the price for playing the game?  Well, it is and that’s an important part of this deal in my opinion), then you build your profile page and then click on “Rookies” after you log in and start building your portfolio.

At the end the week on Friday after 5pm they calculate the equity (value) of all the portfolios, the rookie with the highest percentage gain in equity for that week wins $1,000.  It’s that easy.. and not so easy.  Investing is a complicated, often expensive business.  But the great part about this is that you get to try yourself out on the stock market without risking real money.

You start out with a hundred grand in virtual money to invest.  You buy and sell stocks in very much the same manner as you would in the real market, even down to paying a commission on all transactions.  The only question I’ve got left right now is “What to buy first?”

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