Iran’s president has once again managed to say something that isn’t going to fly:

Iran’s Leader: U.S. Wants New Opinions

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday that the American people are eager for different opinions about the world, and he is looking forward to providing them with “correct and clear information,” state media reported.

I’ll grant this much: That American citizens seldom get the straight information (without actively searching it out for themselves), but in just exactly what universe he thinks that American citizens are going to believe HIS report I would be interested to know.

Iran doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation over the last few decades.  Another thing is that I don’t think that most Americans want any more “opinions about the world” from anybody.  We’re up to our elbows in “opinions” from every source imaginable.  I clean “opinions” out of the litter box every day.  No, I don’t think we need any more “opinions”.  I think that if anything, we need accurate reporting of what’s going on and that is going to mean information coming from a source that has little to nothing to gain or lose from it and NOT the president of a country whose citizens have been shown on television gathered in mobs chanting things like “death to America” uncounted times since the middle 1970’s.

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