Ain’t this just peachy?  There’s a bill moving in Congress right now that’s supposed to provide needed funding for a children’s health insurance program and president Bush says he’ll veto it.

But Bush has promised a veto, saying the measure is too costly, unacceptably raises taxes, extends government-covered insurance to children in families who can afford private coverage, and smacks of a move toward completely federalized health care. He has asked Congress to pass a simple extension of the current program while debate continues, saying it’s children who will suffer if they do not.

This bill originates on the Democrat side of the isle and while I’m no fan of the democratic party, I think that something needs to be done – before current funding runs out – to insure that this program can continue and THEN the politicians can do what they should have done in the first place and get to work on a much more permanent solution and get it passed and signed into law BEFORE we’re once again facing a situation that will leave children without medical coverage all because a bunch of windbags in Washington can’t stop arguing long enough to get something accomplished.

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