Once again Hillary Clinton proves that voters need to do their part in keeping her out of the White House.  She was on Face The Nation recently saying that Sen. Congress should stop funding the war in Iraq in order to “force change”.  Problem with this is that it’s kinda short sighted.  The first people to suffer in that situation are going to be the soldiers on the scene when their supplies run short because the “brilliant” senator from New York manages to get their funding cut.

Just in case anyone hasn’t figured it out, when a military runs short on supplies because somebody wants to make some kind of a point by cutting their funding, soldiers end up more at risk than they already are.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about this war, we DO have an obligation to support our troops.  These people are out there doing their jobs with their lives on the line every day.  The way to support them is to see to it that they have everything they need in order to do that job and be as safe as possible doing it…. NOT by cutting off the funding they need.

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