In the middle of everything else that’s going on there’s a sudden revival in that most elusive of goals: Peace in the Middle East.

Bush to Focus on Reviving Mideast Talks

WASHINGTON (AP) – With his chances to advance Middle East peace dwindling, President Bush on Monday will push again for a democratic Palestinian homeland that can coexist with Israel.

The thing is, there can be no real way that a Palestinian homeland is ever going to coexist with Israel.  This is because it’s basically a continuation of a conflict that goes back thousands of years.  And because Israel is God’s chosen, covenant people he gave them certain land.  The Palestinians (among many others) want to claim this land as theirs.  They’ve made it clear time and again that (like many others) their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel.  I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden they’ve changed their minds overnight.

Besides all that, these so-called “Palestinians” are nothing of the sort.  They are in fact descendants of settlers from Syria, Jordan and a few other Arab nations that had set out to stake a claim on the land belonging to Israel.

The REAL “Palestinians”, also known as the Philistines ceased to exist when God destroyed them as a people because of their hatred for Israel and centuries of attacks on the chosen people.

Bottom line: This set of peace talks are doomed to the same eventual failure as every other round with would be peace makers.  Not until Anti-Christ starts negotiations will there be any kind of peace in the Middle East, and that will be short lived and based on deception.

The only true and lasting peace will come when Jesus enters Jerusalem’s eastern gate and takes his rightful place on the throne in the Temple of God.

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