The Co-operative Bank starts out looking pretty much like a lot of banks that are into Internet banking.  In addition to offering the usual online banking and credit card services this company also makes a point to say something about ethics – Standards they use to decide what they will NOT invest in and that’s important to customers that consider such things important and I think that most do, sometimes it’s just hard to find choices that support this.

For example, Their ethics policy says that they will not invest in governments or companies that don’t support basic human rights. They won’t invest in a business that sells arms to oppressive regimes.  There’s a bunch more but that’s enough to get the basic idea.

When a company tries to stand up for things like that a lot more people are going to be interested in doing business with them.  They’ll be much more likely to be interested in deals like Co-operative Bank’s affinity credit card which donates to an organization they choose when opening the account and again ever time they use the credit card… Or a card with 0% on purchases and balance transfers for six months

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