When I was a kid, even though there were five of us, plus our parents living in the one house it never seemed to shrink so much that we got to do the bunk bed thing.  Often times there would be two or three people sharing a room, but still everyone had their own bed.  That was the one piece of in-house real estate that everyone had to call their own.  In spite of this things never seemed to get too cramped to find a place to put something.

Now, years later my wife an I had our nieces staying with us in a decent sides house that had plenty of rooms.  In spite of the fact that they each had a room of their own, the amount of space seemed to shrink more every day.  We had bought a set of bunk beds at a good price and because they could be taken apart and used as two individual beds.  Once in a while we thought of putting them back into a single unit for the space gain but it never would have worked out.. unfair to them who had become accustomed to having their own rooms you see.  Besides, the one on the lower bunk gets to sit up too fast and bang their head on the underside of the top bunk… definitely not going to work.

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